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TechAngels is facilitating the development of tech businesses from South-Eastern Europe through investment, expertise and connections.

We help entrepreneurs shape up their pitch deck, evaluate their business and put them in contact with the most fitted investors from our network, in order to improve their success rate.

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Radu Atanasiu

Angel investor

Believes that intelligence and creativity, and not shale gas, are the most untapped resources of this region.

Dan Călugăreanu

CEO at Alliance Computers

Founder and CEO of Alliance Computers - company that counts among the top major players in the IT&C market in Romania.Passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, he is actively involved in supporting growing the startups ecosystem, through investments and mentorship.


Răzvan Căpățînă

Managing Partner at Business Results

Over 15 years of expertise in research and marketing, currently focusing on lead generation campaigns.

Cristian Cârstoiu

8 years of software development, 12+ years of management consulting across Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Experienced in working with innovation teams, passionate to develop the Romanian start-up ecosystem. Looking to bridge the link to the local VCs and the interested banks and contribute to a methodology to assess the viability of start-ups

Teodor Alin Covalciuc

Partner / VP of Titan International Wholesale

Teodor Alin is an investment banking professional with a strong passion for technology enabled businesses and entrepreneurship. Started his career at Deutsche Bank in M&A, covering Central and Eastern Europe. Currently based in Sydney working on corporate, capital and value advisory projects across Australasia. Worked with start-ups across consumer finance, education technology and healthcare.


Mihai Darzan

Entrepreneur with background in electrical engineering, internationally certified energy quality expert and with strong experience in energy markets and business processes.

CEO of Ringhel, building Power & Gas supply & trading management platforms.


Andrei Dudoiu

Former banker for the last 20 years, 15 years part of BT – deputy CEO and CEO of Volksbank Romania for the integration period. Andrei, along with Ionuț Pătrăhău, as well a former top executive banker, have co-founded, a platform that provides knowledge and funding to early stage companies assuring sustainable growth. Human Finance connects the innovative, ethical and well prepared entrepreneurs with the appropriate investors and lenders. We plan to launch the first equity crowdfunding platform in Romania.

Matei Dumitrescu

VicePresident of TechAngels
Managing Partner, GRAAL SOFT

Serial entrepreneur, passionate about startups, business models, investments. I want to offer my experience to young companies that start or grow a business, by mentoring, providing a network of specialists that can help the sustainable development of business and investment opportunity, in order to turn a good idea into a business success.


Ovidiu Fer

Ex sell side equity analyst, passionate about investing in both listed and private ventures. Co-founder of Alpha Oil Trading, a gasoline distribution company for agricultural producers and a platform for crowd funding bucket lists.

Mihai Guran

With over 25 years of business experience in scaling business for companies such as Bitdefender, HP and Dell, Mihai Guran started to work as a management consultant and then as an angel investor in 2018, enrolling into a mission to help more companies in Romania to scale. Based on a relevant global experience, Mihai will help you choose the right growth strategies and assist you to execute them

Bogdan Iordache


How To Web CEO & co-founder, mentor and referrer at Springboard, HackFWD, Rockstart, Launchub, Eleven tech accelerator programs.

Alex Negrea

Sr. Director, Engineering at Intralinks

Alex is an entrepreneur, he was co-founder & CTO of docTrackr - document security and control technology (Techstars 2012, sold to NYSE:IL in 2014). With prior experience in growing engineering teams, product development and R&D, he enjoys helping startups that bring innovation through technology to grow their businesses

Alex Negru

Founder Partner,

With a marketing educational background Alex is the initiator of community in Romania, the CEO of Skyprivate cam-site company and the initiator of the first crypto fund focused on adult-tech Alex is part of TechAngels Romania group and of TheBestNeverRest from Iasi. He is a big fan of Ethereum and decentralization


Dragos Nicolaescu

Angel Investor, Startup Adviser

I use my 25+ years of experience in management, business and investment roles to provide coaching, advising and investing services. In the last 10 years I coached 200+ executives to become better leaders, I advised 250+ founders to create a successful startup, and invested in 50+ local and international startups
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Andrei Ostacie

Manager, OkapiStudios

Active entrepreneur and investor managing a start-up friendly company.
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Andrei Pitiș

Founder & CTO Vector Watch

Founder of VectorWatch, vicepresident of ANIS and Associated Professor at UPB with over 25 years of experience in tech at all levels, active angel investor and mentor to many startups.


Ștefan Popa

Co-organizer of the first Intel Software Professionals Conference in Romania, software / hardware technology enthusiast and Associate Professor at UPB having over 15 years tech / management experience in large US corporations.

Vlad Sarca

Serial entrepreneur and investor with 15+ years of experience in different sectors. Successful exit after expanding a healthcare recruitment company in over 10 markets. Expertise in HR, finance, marketing and international business development. Currently pursuing a PG. Strategy and Innovation at Oxford’s Said Business School. Focused on investing in FinTech, Health Tech, HR startups and other innovative businesses.

Mălin-Iulian Ștefănescu

Chairman of TechAngels Romania GM & founder at EEU Software

Founded EEU Software in 2000. Co-founder of other companies in Romania and abroad.

Ionut Taranu

Managing Partner, STIMA SOFT

Angel investor, passioned by IT&C. Experienced professional in custom software development, with focus on implementation and management of complex software solutions.

Lucian Todea

CEO, owner at ITNT / Soft32

The Founder & CEO of ITNT. Actively involved with various other technology & internet projects. Serial entrepreneur and technology angel investor.
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Among the success startups our investors are involved in are:

2Performant - one of the most successful affiliate marketing platform in Romania

AxoSuits - affordable exoskeleton that helps people with walking disabilities by providing the ease of use and accessibility they truly need

Apiary Book - Apiary Book is the most complete solution for management of apiaries – the best ranked books review website in Romania

ClassOwl - Learning Management System designed to simplify classroom management and increase student engagement through interactive assignments.

DCommander - two-pane orthodox file manager for Mac OSX, that enables its users to manage their files like a professional and take full control of their file system

Evertoys - subscription-based toy sharing platform that allows parents to always get the right toys and games for the right age and interests of their children

GreenHorse Games -a company dedicated in building online games. It is comprised of a small but talented group of people that share the same passion for delivering great gaming experiences that reach and connect users all around the world)

InnerTrends – growth analytics for SaaS

Maponia - Application dedicated to professional drivers in transit through the European Union

Remind Services - online calendar that sends automatic SMS and e-mail reminder messages to your customers

Ringhel - the most flexible and reliable suits of applications for the energy and gas management

Smartbill -the most used software that offers billing solutions and SaaS-based services. It also provides small- and medium-sized businesses with invoicing and inventory management software.

Smartdreamers - recruiting platform that brings users more efficiency while maintaining an attractive price

SymphoPay - a solution designed for retailers who want to integrate all partner banks into one single payment terminal (either fix or mobile) which, unlike other solutions, is connected to a central platform capable to integrate marketing and loyalty campaigns in real-time, allowing the merchant to control the system through the online Merchant Management Panel.

Tokinomo - the ultimate shopper engagement

Typing.DNA - uses typing biometrics to protect SaaS’s, web apps, eLearning(LMS), ePayments and devices

Zalmotek - production-ready hardware models for your product ideas or ready to use products for specific purposes


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04 Stage

The most common investments will vary between 10.000 and 200.000 EUR, for a maximum 1M EUR evaluation. We're especially interested in experienced teams, with good professional expertise and proven track record. We facilitate investments in tech projects, focusing especially on web, mobile, embedded software, hardware, meditech. We're mostly interested in projects that have at least a prototype, or have reached the product/market fit stage.

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